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The introduction:

If this is the first time you have visited my blog, please do not be concerned with the amount of content that isn't present. I have some pretty big plans for this site. For this post, I am going over some of my interests and hobbies. Below I have provided some wallpapers that I have created in the past.

Warning! This post has many photos for enjoyment!

Please enjoy what I have :D


If there is a passion in life that I could fall in love with it would definitely be photography. It is one of the hobbies that I could spend hours looking at one single item and taking a million shots of it using different settings and effects that are available on the camera. The sad part is that I don't have a DSLR yet, so I have to make due with what I have.

![](https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-L421xUs97pk/UgENiP2G2MI/AAAAAAAAIa0/z6jD6N_9mSA/w462-h821-no/IMG_0579.JPG) ![](https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-ZjTft8nKmUA/UgENiDh-xMI/AAAAAAAAIOs/m2j-0bl9z6Y/w1461-h822-no/IMG_0580.JPG) ![](https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-Edcr-eQQUP8/UesmAeME6DI/AAAAAAAAIJU/VEk6MTFB_lw/w1461-h822-no/IMG_0566.JPG) ![](https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-Kg4bypKtPMw/UmHdVtbeuDI/AAAAAAAAIWc/SvlLUSyXlJ4/w1461-h822-no/IMG_0646.JPG) ![](https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-GuDkEFpowLQ/Uryp2P4pW6I/AAAAAAAAInU/wqnON2UmS1A/w1461-h822-no/IMG_0792.JPG) ![](https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-cNlstXjYc7c/UryrSNSkUBI/AAAAAAAAIoI/5XF3H1ubIeU/w1461-h822-no/IMG_0805.JPG) ![](https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-Gkfcs1hl2es/Uryti_BaqCI/AAAAAAAAIqw/K7RUxbuZas4/w1461-h822-no/IMG_0836.JPG) ![](https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-ir250toMTxM/UaqhpZayIHI/AAAAAAAAHrg/c_mJHbPzF7I/w462-h821-no/IMG_0358.JPG) ![](https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-_C0OwxMww5k/UaV8_DOE32I/AAAAAAAAHkI/WVRu36SZjFo/w1461-h822-no/IMG_0292.JPG) ![](https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-jdlSTOYadSE/UaUPde4ifCI/AAAAAAAAHjU/nMl3TatXUBI/w1461-h822-no/IMG_0284.JPG) ![](https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-l6ZqaxzipeE/UZhBwjUXXeI/AAAAAAAAHcY/OGmdEDWnQl4/w1096-h822-no/IMG_0212.JPG) ![](https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-fjn0_Eu3Ty0/TuMioPoqGeI/AAAAAAAAFNQ/S1RbR7XqAto/w720-h540-no/SF-7) ![](https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-GyWUH_oS808/TuMiQGVu_jI/AAAAAAAAFM8/C5GIzkZiSGQ/w720-h540-no/SF-5)

I only have a digital 12mp camera that has an autofocus feature. That's really it. Using that and some basic tricks I can get it to have the same effects as a DSLR but man is it a pain without manual focus. Haha
I have a DSLR now. I bought a Nikon D3200 for starters; I have two lenses and 1 polarized filter.

Instagram @rizowski

If you want to follow me on Instagram: [Clicky]

Digital Artwork


The story behind this one was that I was getting on Facebook a lot. I figured maybe if I made a wallpaper that would tell me to get off Facebook that maybe it would help. Nope. It did nothing of the sort. [Link]
Facebook wallpaper that says: How about today you stay off Facebook...


ASDF movies are probably the most random videos I have ever discovered on the internet. These wallpapers are some of my favorite moments from those videos. [Link Pie] [Link Potato]
Pie Flavor Pie Wallpaper
Die Potato.. Not Today.. Wallpaper


These later wallpapers were all done in class. I had taken several photoshop classes when I was going to Neumont. They aren't the best, but I do like most of them. Haha This one is my Rizowski emblem that I have posted on several of my websites. There is a lot to this wallpaper. [Link]
Rizowski Emblem Wallpaper


This wallpaper didn't turn out the way I wanted it to. I had a completely different image in my mind, but at the time I didn't have the experience to really get the image I wanted out on my digital canvas. So I have this. [Link]
Grungy Windows Wallpaper

Some Of the Best

Now we are getting to my favorite wallpapers. The Cool Story Bro Wallpaper was one that wasn't required to do in class. I had finished all my work and then some in class so I had extra time to have some fun and learn how to do more effects. The confetti look along with the accented text I think really brings out the wall paper. It also has a faded light in the background much like the Windows wallpaper but it is much lighter. [Link]
Cool Story Bro Wallpaper

This motivation wallpaper was something for me much like the facebook wallpaper. I had a lot of thoughts in my mind about capstone at the time. Capstone was one of the hardest classes I have taken. I worked day and night to get my application to work. But in the time of being down I created this wallpaper to remind myself that I can do this. This is one of my most popular wallpapers that I have. [link]
Motivation Wallpaper: Stop thinking of a million ways of not being able to do something. Start Thinking of the 1 way you can do it.


When I was in highschool there are a couple of videos that I created. The biggest one won me second place in a contest hosted by the local TV station back home. I was also able to land a job with them because of it. It is called Get T' Walkin.

Now this one I am going to have to have to re upload once I get the time, but I made a ping pong club video for Manti High school. My specialty is still frame videos. This one was one of my most popular videos that I had on the internet. It had a mini viral boom a little while after I posted it and I got up to 3,000 views before I had to fix my account and removed all my videos.

There was a minecraft server that I played on, and they said they wanted a promotional video. So I figured that I could just throw together something and have a little bit of fun at the same time. It isn't anything spectacular and I would

I do quite a bit of gaming and when I can I like to stream. This is just a clip of some of the gaming I do. Its fun and I do like posting clips of when I am doing well or doing terrible.


I have interests in about all music. I don't really like country due to a lot of the twangy singing and sounds you get from it. If you want to follow the content that I like on soundcloud: [clicky]. Of course I also have several playlists on Spotify. [Profile (39 Followers)] [Rock (18 Followers)] [Light Rock (1 Follower)] [Dubstepish (17 Followers)] [Electronic (1 Followers)] [R&B/Pop (0 Followers)]


I love HD wallpapers! I mostly focus on Photography of landscape. I have a couple of ways you can get the wallpaper collections I have. It is about 400mb of 1080P wallpapers and I am currently working on even higher resolutions to fit my 27 inch mac displays. You can either follow my BTSync blog [Clicky] on how to get it so that if I ever add a wallpaper to my collection you will get it instantly. Or you can follow my collection's on wallbase [Clicky].

Last Notes of kindness

So these are some of the achievements that I have done over the last few years. I have had a lot of fun doing them and I expect to keep doing them. Especially Photography.

If you are going to share any of this content please all I ask is to be credited. Thats it. Enjoy!

Interests! Hobbies! Alright...
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