Hello! I am trying out Wordpress for my blogging platform. There are a lot more options for Wordpress and it seems like editing and customizing posts are a lot easier than in blogger or any other blogging platform. If this works out then I will be alright with this as my solution.

A few notes about me:

I am someone who really loves what he does. I really enjoy programming even though sometimes I find it difficult to want to come home and work on something I designed after working 8 hours. Sometimes I have a hard time trying to separate my coding mind from everyday life. (I hear that is a mind of an entrepreneur) In high school I had my own IT company and I would go around servicing people's computers. I have graduated from a computer technology school with a Bachelors in Computer Science in 3 years and immediately landed a job with a company that I really enjoy working for.

A few notes about this blog:

This blog will have my opinion about various topics. I will primarily be working with code but I will also post other topics that may have experiences with everyday life. You will find sarcasm in this blog that may come off as standoffish and rude but it is merely my personality and I try to use it for humor. (Please excuse me in advance) I have written posts and guides on how to do things online and so I will try to create content that is informative and well written. If anything is unclear or needs correction I am more than happy to explain more or adjust my posts to correct any mistakes.


Colten (Rizowski)